Vietnam visa on online procedures

6/4/2014 5:15:33 PM

The traditional way is to do a visa at the embassy but this way takes a lot of time and effort. Currently, many governments have issued visa on arrival to help customers get the visa at the airport of these countries. This is the fastest and easiest to get visa. The Vietnam government also issued Vietnam visa for tourists and traders of all countries in the world. This type of visa will help you get the visa stamp at the airport instead of taking it at the embassy. To get the visa stamp, you need the approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Department before starting your Vietnam travel.

Vietnam Visa

It is easy to get the approval letter because there are so many travel agents in Vietnam offering this service. You only need to fill full information in the online application, and then you will get this approval letter. There are many types of Vietnam visas that you can select, including 1 months 1 time, 1 month multiple times, 3 months 1 time, 3 months multiple times, even 6 months multiple times (only several reputable travel agents can do 6 -month multiple Vietnam visa for certain countries).

Normally, there are three key steps to make online visa Vietnam. Firstly, you should find a reputable agent. This is very important. Some agents will ask you a lot of information because they do not have a complete website and form for you to fill out. The process to make the visa at no reputable agent can last 3-5 while usually only taking 1-3 working days. This can affect your trip if you book an air ticket before getting the visa.

Secondly, you should check carefully your nationality under the nationality is limited or not. Because the criminal rate of some countries to Vietnam is relatively high, so the Immigration Department has launched several strict regulations when granting visa to Vietnam for citizens of these countries. Citizens of these countries need to send some scanned documents as their passport, booking hotel, roundtrip ticket and new letter, the Immigration Department will check their information and decide whether issue the visa or not. The countries are usually limited as some African countries and the Middle East countries. This is one of the methods of Department of Immigration to control the crime rate and protect the safety for foreigners coming to Vietnam. Hence, this does not mean Vietnam Government want to treat you unfairly.

Finally, you should check carefully the information that you fill in online visa forms is correct with the information in your passport (especially your name and passport number). If you fill incorrectly, you will not get Vietnam visa at the airport. Because they will issue the visa based on the information you have filled.

After finishing three steps above, you will get Vietnam visa on arrivalin 1-3 days via your email. You just print out and show at the airport to affix the visa stamp.