The visa exemption for the citizens of Argentina

11/25/2013 2:25:10 PM


Vietnam has signed the visa exemption agreement with Argentinas government on 14-Sep-1999; it took effect from the date of 13-Nov-1999. According to the provisions of this Agreement, Vietnams government has approved the visa exemption for citizens of Argentina in the following cases:

- The first case:
For people that bring the diplomatic and official passports are exempted from the entry visa for the period of temporary residence is not more than 90 days after entry into Vietnam.

The visa exemption for the citizens of Argentina

- The second case:
Vietnam visa exemption is for members of some offices such as the diplomatic missions, the consulates, the international organizations and their family members who are carrying the passports: the diplomacy and the national work with the temporary residence for a period of 60 days from the date of entry into Vietnam. During that time, those people must complete all necessary procedures at the competent authorities. This policy does not apply to the separate service personnel.

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