Vietnam visa and procedure of work permit

3/25/2014 10:03:35 AM

It cannot be denied that the number of foreign laborers coming to Vietnam is on the gradual increase. According to Vietnam Visa News, the figure was over 88 thousand workers in late 2012. These workers coming to Vietnam are employees of foreign contractors, working for or establishing projects of foreign direct investment in Vietnam.

To enter and work in Vietnam, foreign workers need visa for Vietnam issued by embassy and consulate of Vietnam. Citizens of Asian Pacific countries have right to receive free entry visa to Vietnam lasting between 15 and 30 days. Yet, if these workers want to extend their working period, they need to apply for a three-month multiple entry visa. Visa types in this case are B2, B3, and B4. In almost cases, a work permit is required when foreign employees working for more than three months. Currently, this permit is valid for a maximum of three years.


Vietnam Visa


Vietnamese companies are allowed to employ foreign workers in order to work as managers, executive directors and experts. This happens when the local ones cannot meet the demand of those companies production and requirements. To specify, before recruiting foreign employees about thirty days, the recruiters have to officially announce employment of this position to Vietnamese job seekers on Vietnamese mass media. Evidence of this announcement must be presented in the work permit application form for a foreign employee. Otherwise, foreign workers can be recruited through a state-owned employment service center. When hiring foreign employees, there are a number of procedures and legal frameworks that should be known, including visa, work permit and temporary residence card. If foreign workers have a work permit and stay in Vietnam for three years, they do not need to apply for Vietnam visa after being issued residence card. However, this permit does not replace passport.

To get work permit, you should prepare the following basic documents, including: images of your portrait, passport, judicial record, health certificate, business or investment permits of companies in Vietnam, certificate of qualification, degree of qualification, and certificate of experience recognized by former employers.