Vietnam visa exemption for citizens of Egypt

11/25/2013 2:59:47 PM

There is an agreement on the visa exemption between the Vietnam government and Egypt was signed on August 18th, 2010. It takes effect from August 8th, 2011 with the following basic contents:

- Exemption about the entry visa for people who have the passports of some items such as diplomacy, the special types or types of national work, but they have value with a stay not exceeding 90 days.

Vietnam visa exemption for citizens of Egypt

- The members of the diplomatic missions, consulates or representative of his country in international organizations that carry a diplomatic passport as special types, or official passports, but have also the value and within 90 days from the date of entry. They will be granted the visas or the valid residence permit during their work term based on the proposal of the agency as diplomatic missions, consular offices or international organizations concerned. This shall also apply for wife (husband) and their children of the people as above, who carry one of the passports as mentioned. (Including cases which the child's name is recorded in the passport of his or her father/mother).

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