Some Visa Tips

Here are some useful tips for your Vietnam Visa application.

1. Tourist Visa: The visa for applicants on holiday or visiting friends. This Visa can be granted on arrival at Hanoi, HCMC and Danang airports.

2. Business Visa: can be used in the event you go to Vietnam for business purposes. In fact, Vietnam Immigration Department is not strict for the purpose of a visit as long as your citizen background is verified and approved.

3. Visa exemption: Excemptions or applied to citizens of some countries for a limited period of time. The exemption rule is based on the Vietnam Immigration policy with other countries. This is a mutual relationship between Vietnam and foreign countries. To see more details please check out the Vietnam Visa Exemption Rules.

4. Single entry Visa: is allowed to enter and exist one time.

5. Multiple entry Visa: is required in case you plan to enter and exit several times.

6. Visa on Arrival: can not be granted by sea and road border entrance. However, If you apply multiple entry and get Visa stamped at the airports on arrival for the first entry then you can leave country and return by seas or road without any problems. That is simply because Vietnam Visa is already on your passport.

7. Citizen who has nationality of China: can not apply Arrival Visa if flying from China as a Chinese Government rule. Chinese people cannot board if Visa is not already on the passport. However, if people who hold Chinese passports and fly from other country (not China) to Vietnam, you can get Visa at the airports.

8. Appearance influences: Considered very important by Vietnam immigration officials, try and look 'respectable'.