Rush Visa

  • What is Rush Visa?

  • "Rush Visa" means we will apply and get Visa Approval Letter for you in the fastest possible time time. It is generally required by passengers with an urgent job who need to be onboard the same day. This is only possible if you submit a correct and accurate application and select the "Processing Time: Same day 4-8 Hours". Our system will automatically prioritise your application, however the processing time varies from application to application - subject to the time at which the application is received.
  • * Morning application: We start working at 8:00 AM (GMT + 7), so if your payment's confirmed to us before this time, we will send you Approval Letter after 4 hours. Any application after 8:00 AM will be switched to afternoon application. In some cases we may be able to a visa for you after 2 hours (super urgent) but we need to check with the Vietnam Immigration Department first for further extra charges and agreements before informing you the total amount for such a service.
  • * Application at noon: If your application and payment reaches us by 1:30 PM (GMT +7), your Vietnam Visa will be sent at 4:30 – 5:00 PM same day.
  • * 1-2 hours before flight: Yes we can do it but first we need to check with the Vietnam Immigration Department before confirming you. The extra cost is 80 - 90 USD/Visa. We call this a 'super urgent' case.
  • * Visa at the Airport: If you arrive at Vietnamese airport without a visa, or need an extremely urgent case it is still possible to get you a visa. If OK, we will need your flight number, full name, passport number and our people will communicate with the Immigration authority to allow you enter Vietnam. We charge 200 USD/person. The approval will subject to your nationality.
  • * Visa at the weekend: We can work not only during the week but at weekends, the charge is $200USD/time and subject to your nationality. Generally visas are approved within several hours.
  • How do we guarantee the Rush Visa service?

  • We will only confirm your visa to you after checking with the Vietnam Immigration Department. Your payment will not be charged until our further confirmation. So, if we say YES and OK, it means 100% service will be guaranteed.