Vietnam visa for citizens of

Do Dutch people need a Vietnam Visa?

Yes, Netherlands/Holland is not part of the ‘Nordic’ group so Visas are required for these citizens. Dutch travellers who plan to enter Vietnam must apply for a Visa by one of the 2 following ways:


- At a Vietnam Embassy by visiting the Embassy office of Vietnam in Netherlands or another nearest office

- With online application to obtain a Visa on Arrival


Visa on Arrival means your passport is stamped at the arrival airports of Ha Noi, Da Nang, or Ho Chi Minh. This means that this Visa can be used if you enter by air only. If you go into Vietnam by other means, you must contact the Vietnam Embassy before hand.


Most travellers entering Vietnam do so by air. Hence,  offers you this service. In addition, you can save much hassle and costs at the Embassy, especially if you live far away.


The advise for Netherlands's citizens