Vietnam visa for citizens of

Do Norwegians need a Visa to enter Vietnam?

As part of the Nordic group, citizens of Norway do not need a Visa for up to 15 days stay. If you intend to stay more than this, Visas are required before your arrival, otherwise you have to exit the country and enter again.


There are 2 simple ways. You can apply at a Vietnam Embassy (it is more about Vietnam Embassy in Norway) or at through the secured online application system.


Both ways allow the same Visa types - Tourist or Business Visas, for single or multiple entry. The length of stay is from 1 to 3 months as per your request. The difference is only the means of applying and means of entering our country. allows you to enter Vietnam by air only, and you’ll get the Visa stamped at the airport upon arrival.


If you plan to get into Vietnam by air, just apply with us and enjoy the many advantages. Instead of waiting for Embassy approval of all your documents and interviews, just apply online with us and get an approval letter within 2 working days.


The advise for Norway's citizens