Vietnam visa for citizens of

Do Scottish citizens need a Vietnam Visa?

YES, Scottish passport holders need to apply for a Visa before entering the country of Vietnam. As per the Immigration Departments regulations, there are 2 ways to apply:


- At the Vietnam Embassy in Scotland or anywhere nearest you – at much time and expense.

- Collect it at the Vietnam Immigration desk through this site’s Visa on Arrival at:


How does it work? Once you apply for your visa with us we will send you an Approval Letter (from the Vietnam Immigration Department) that you take to the airport in Vietnam. Here, your passport will be stamped with the visa in just a few minutes. So, after the Approval Letter is issued you are guaranteed to get your visa in Vietnam. However, please note that you can only enter by air to get your visa. After that, you can enter again by any means of transports if you have chosen a valid multiple entry Visa.


Scottish citizens can apply for Tourist and Business Visa for stays of 1-3 months.