Vietnam visa for citizens of

Does Swedish need a Visa to Vietnam?

YES if more than 15 days and NO if less than 15 days. In fact, Swedish passport holder is Visa exemption 15 days maximum. If you have short stay in Vietnam, it is easy for you. If you intend to stay more than, you can apply by 2 below options:


- Visit Vietnam embassy in Stockholm - Sweden

- Apply for a Visa on Arrival to Vietnam online at anywhere with internet line


Please note only traveller who enters by air can apply Visa on Arrival. Citizens of Sweden can travel to Vietnam as tourist or business purposes. The Visa validity can apply from 1 to 3 months single or multiple entry.


Why apply with us? we offer the fastest way to enter Vietnam. Just spend some minutes, fill out the online application form, you will get Visa Approval Letter by email in 48 hours. In urgent case, we can get approval for you in 4 hours. In fact, Swedish is easy citizens and welcome to visit our country.


We understand in today life, everyone is busy and feel inconvient to apply Visa at Embassy. Hence, we just suggest you . Do not miss this.